Welcome to Dot’s Page

A stroll through Dot’s life . . .

Dorothy Manforte

Welcome to Dorothy Manforte’s Life!

Here you’ll find a collection of photos and memories to celebrate this wonderful woman who has done so much for her loved ones! 

We celebrate her life – her childhood, her marriage, her children, her cakes, and her love of all of you!

Scroll down for stories, photos, and to share your own stories of your time with Dot for her and her loved ones to enjoy.

Growing up . . .

A photographic journey through Dot’s life from childhood to adulthood and all stages in between.

Dot & Tony’s Wedding

Married to Tony for over 50 years. Here’s how it all began.

Young Mother

An always well dressed and attentive mother.


Whenever there was a celebration there were also Dot’s creations. Always the focal point of the party.

Hillcrest Road

Dot & Tony’s first home

Cape Cod House

Their Get Away Retreat

Nursery Road


Movie Shoot

The Burt Reynolds Movie Shoot home.

Here’s the story of how Burt Reynolds shot scenes from his movie “The Maddening” in their house. They had just moved into the newly built home in Jupiter when there was a knock on the door. Tony answered and was greeted by two men who said that they were from Burt Reynolds film productions and wanted to look around inside to see if it would be a good place to shoot their movie. Most of us, thinking it was a scam, would say NO and close the door. Not Tony! He let the strangers in and gave them a tour of the house. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t a scam and they rented out their house for a few weeks for the movie shoot. Here are some photos taken by Dot’s brother George (the family photographer). The photos with the black top and bottoms are actual screen shots taken from the movie. The ones without the frame are George’s photos taken before, during and after the shoot. We all waited with excitement for the picture to make it to the big screen but, alas, it wasn’t the greatest film ever made and went direct to video, never making it to the theaters. There may be a version available on Youtube for free but I think it’s dubbed in Portuguese, but at least you can see the scenes from their house.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Dot’s Page

  1. Sending love to all and thinking of Auntie Dorothy. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos! Just had the pleasure over Christmas looking through some discovered old photos – the best of which were wonderful shots of my Grandma Fran with Auntie Dorothy. Love, Jacqueline

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  2. Just found out about the passing of Aunt Dot. My brother saw the obituary in the Stamford paper. Sending my sympathy to Jane and Tom for the lose of their mom. Sorry to learn that Bob has also left the family. I definitely remember the beautiful birthday cakes she bought to Darien for Grandma Manfortes birthdays!🙏

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  3. Dear Jane & Family: It’s been more than 50 years since we were childhood friends. My memory of your mom and entire family is of such a fun, kind group. My condolences – Jackie Pask

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  4. I was the altar boy at the wedding Mass of Tony and Dot back in 1949 and one of the three oldest nephews of Uncle Tony. Since Dot was only eight or nine years older than we, in my case to the day, April 15th, we felt a special closeness to her as our youngest aunt. I remember even playing golf with her at Hubbard heights golf club when she was a novice at the game. In those days we carried our own golf clubs. A few years later, My cousin Eddie Mason and I were picked up on Saturday mornings to help build the foundation of their first house on Hillcrest in New Canaan. We were very happy to receive $5 each for a day of mixing cement and carrying cement blocks. Aunt Dot had a lovely life and I am happy for her as she returns to God to be with those with whom she shared that life on earth. I will be offering masses for her soul during the coming days. With love and sympathy to you cousins Tom and Jane, Msgr. Ed

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  5. I saw this obituary in the Palm Beach Post so decided to check out the web site. May you find comfort in these wonderful memories. I never met Dorothy but after reading about her life in the obituary and through the pictures I so would have liked to share a cup of coffee and had a wonderful chat. She sounded like a wonderful women. Thanks for sharing her with me for a few moments. May she RIP.

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  6. I was married to the late Vinny Surwilo and we both adored Dot and Tony. Vinny babysat for the kids and helped Uncle Tony with the first house. Aunt Dot was a wonderful gracious hostess and great cook. We visited her a few times on the east coast of Florida after we moved to Venice on the west coast. Often Vin would call her to say hi, the last time being her 90th birthday. As a young housewife she was my role model. She was very generous and in 1969-1970 when I lived in Stamford while Vin was in VietNam she visited me often. She was a great lady. My sincere sympathy to Jane and Tom. Maggie Surwilo

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  7. Aunt Dorothy was my confirmation sponsor. The last time I saw her she was visiting Brian and I with Janie in Westlake Village. She was lovely and such a wonderful cook.
    Thank you Marianne for sending me this beautiful tribute to her
    Patricia Poulin Driscoll

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